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There is a strange kind of solace in the let go oh yeah in watching you walk away
and it used to be I'd get lost in the memories baby but those days are gone and far away

Oh but I know you want to see me down, you wish you could come around just because it feeds your foolish pride to think that you make me cry but I won't, no I won't, no I won't not once, oh and I'm stronger still every time I don't

There is a strange kind of healing as the time goes by, the kind that makes you forget, so don't you think that I stand nursing any regret, baby I don't regret I never tried


Every time I don't let you get to me thinking I'll never be the object of your regret. The thing that you can't forget

(but I cant oblige you now oh and I know I know it hurts your foolish pride to see you don't make me cry)