Every Time I Don't
There is a strange kind of solace in the let go oh yeah in watching you walk away
and it used to be I'd get lost in the memories baby but those days are gone and far away

Oh but I know you want to see me down, you wish you could come around just because it feeds your foolish pride to think that you make me cry but I won't, no I won't, no I won't not once, oh and I'm stronger still every time I don't

There is a strange kind of healing as the time goes by, the kind that makes you forget, so don't you think that I stand nursing any regret, baby I don't regret I never tried


Every time I don't let you get to me thinking I'll never be the object of your regret.  The thing that you can't forget

(but I cant oblige you now oh and I know I know it hurts your foolish pride to see you don't make me cry)

Rescue Me
I walk along the shore, full moon rising on my pain
every step harder than before
This burden takes down a road where are the signs are few
still i wait for You.

But there will be no crying here, I close my eyes and I can feel it
and now I see the dawn is breaking, there is a new day in the making
so much more than I believed.  It's so much more than what I asked for
every prayer and more You answer, just in time You rescue me

This faith is far as I can reach, to the place I want to be, till then
I rest in You, Spirit wont you lead, fire make me clean, strengthen what remains


Holy One I'm on my knees, I'm falling on my knees, and though You choose to tarry
still You're watching over me

Day By Day

Oh you look so strong as you do it all on your own
you think you're so right when you're all wrong
you twist you turn you're pressed between two gods and you don't even know
one gave His life for you the other robs your soul
and this living you call life is killing you time after time
but you just cant let it go,
and your world keeps turning, the candle keeps on burning ,
but the flame is fading, day by day
all the sands keep falling , soon they will be gone and you don't even notice, day by day
Tell me how you live life
without the regret that you might have missed the meaning of it all
don't you forget your just a rider on a train bound for a tomb stone and a grave and at that journey's end it will be too late.
there stands a cross up on a hill not to far away,
a broken heart an empty tomb and 3 nails are there to say,
the price has been paid, oh the price has been forever paid.

Who I am
Holy holy are You Son of God and oh so undeserving am I
Only by Your blood can I be set free, from my sin and all my shame

But You say that You will take me as I am
And You ask for nothing more than what I have
I was guilty and unclean still You saw the best in me
and You take me, and You love me, for who I am
Filthy stains on my face oh I am covered in my faults
Never wanting to come clean but now its You that comes to me
You love me though my thoughts have wandered
And You love me though my wealth I've squandered
You love me though I have failed You
Oh You love me so
You let my sin nail You, You let my sin nail You

Sunset to the Dawn
The lamp shines on the Bible by your bed
But dreams interrupted have come to light instead
All the battles fought for glory were in vain
While all you needed was just a prayer away
Oh the war is over, love has won
And another journey has begun
Walk the sunset to the dawn it will be all right
Let sunset on the days that robbed you blind
Oh walk the sunset to the dawn it will be all right
Lay the ashes on the alter in the Light
Oh well past regrets have oft encountered me
Bringing traces of a crimson history
But in forgetfulness all my offenses lie
Cast into a sea that won’t be running dry
Cause he gives beauty for ashes
And oil of joy for mourning
He gives freedom in place of your chains
He'll give you more than you’ve ever asked for
Take you farther than you’ve ever dreamed
Hold His hand and walk the sunset to the dawn
Holy Fire
Turn away from selfish things,
vain ambitions and conceits
earthly gain may appear to bring glory,
but what's the glory of a fall

Holy Fire burn within me again
burn away everything that wont bring glory to your name
Holy Fire bring me down to a loss
till there is nothing left, nothing left, nothing left,
but a cross

Do I dare lift my head in demand,
in the midst of all my shame
but can I be as lowly as Thee
and be a servant of all men


But a cross for me to cling to
to prove I really love You
even if it brings me pain
cause at the end of the story
if my loss brings you glory
I have everything to gain

Your Goodbye
Why do you look as though you're haunted, I'm alive, standing here in front of you, Oh I'm sorry to accuse, but its obvious you're losing control, Do you have something to say?
Cause I'm tired of waiting, for you to give another reason, why you always hesitate, when you should be reaching out for what don't come around; but once in a lifetime baby, But I'm afraid that its too late, overtime I've come to see the greatest gift I ever had in this life:  Was your goodbye
Why do you Look as though you're missing all it cost you to walk away.  Oh I'm sorry to accuse but it's obvious you never let it go;  Do you have something to say?
Baby just remain left unspoken, the look in your eyes, says it all.  You wish my heart was open, but the truth is, I left you, I left you here long ago.

A Long Way Off
Sick and tired of the simple life
nothing ever went wrong but it was never right for me
fast miles and bright city lights drew me in like a bug to the fire
and what I need is what I don't deserve
and what I don't deserve is Your love

But I had to face myself so that I can face You now
never imagined You'd be waiting there for me
and while there's nothing left to offer and not a word to say
I find You were loving me, from a long way off.
from a long way off  

Big dreams in tiny pockets will last you for a little while, oh just a little while,
But now that my hands are empty, my eyes stay full of tears, but I still see
that what I need is what I don't deserve
And what I don't deserve is Your love.


From a long way off You knew I'd waste it all, and have a debt I never could repay,
I could only hope to be a servant in Your house, instead I get the welcome of a King,
instead I get the welcome of a King.