1. Fight for Me
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Written and Performed by Jennifer Hurley of After the Black.
Drums: Brent Hurley, Session Guitarists: Nashville, TN & Detroit, MI.


Time and time again I called to you
Without an answer,
I strained my eyes, Till I went blind just trying to seek you out,
You put a hook in my soul, And now you won't let me go,
But you won't reel me in,
See all my life, been looking for,
That half that made me whole,
Nothing made much sense, till you jumped the fence,
Landed where you don't belong,Somehow it's right,
but still it's wrong, And we are caught in the middle,
With a no clue how this story will end,

If it was something easy,
Like a puzzle with just two pieces,
Would you fight for me?
Oh would you fight for me?
If I was something like you,
Something pretty like what you're used to,
Would you fight for me? Oh would you fight for me?

A million miles away tonight,
Still you're right next to me
Close enough to touch, No one knows but us,
You say you believe in me, I hear you whisper,
Just before you steal a way,
I'm slowly fading into you,
There's nothing I can do,
But let it be like gravity,
It makes no sense to me,
Something so crazy, Yes you are,
You're like the man in the moon.

Oh if you could, I bet that you would,
There are some things yet to be seen, If you took a second look