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Don’t say a word,
I don’t have to imagine how you feel,
I’ve walked this road before,
Those miles not traveled in vain,
‘Cause I know when,

He’s a “Johnny Come Lately” in disguise,
Knows how to play it like its his first time,
Breaks you down, takes his time,
Wasting yours with every tear you cry,
He’s a lesson learned
And I’m better off for it,
Better at the finish,
Than I was when I started,
Everyday I rise, the sun still shines,
I’m the woman I am,
For the man he wasn’t

Now I’m feeling so satisfied,
Having bathed in the tears that he cried,
It’s been so long ago,
But I cherish it still,
‘ Cause he was ......

Oh but there was a time,
I could have moved heaven and earth,
If it would have made him mine,
But now time after time ,
I thank heaven above ,
That he was, just a......