1. Breathe

Written and Performed by: Jennifer Hurley


It was simply complicated
Love was cheap but far from free
I never learned to depend on
Anything but me
And now I'm weaker than water
Dryer than the sands
That keep falling down, falling down,
My mind could only see the picture,
Of everything I thought I'd lost
I was fully content with barely hanging on
And Now I'm barely hanging on,

When I look up, I look up,
And I see your face,
And somehow, somehow,
All the past is erased
And you know, and you see
All of who I can be,
Oh and you, life me up, lift me up
So high, so much more, so much more
Than I could afford,
And its all, oh its all,
All that I can do,
All I can do to breathe

It was never my intention,
To open up that door,
But my reservation fails me,
It shakes to the core,
As I feel these limitations,
Finally hit the floor,
I couldn't reach what was beyond me,
So I never looked to see,
Oh, it hurt to much to wait for
What may never be,
But I see the broken pieces,
Bridge the gap from you to me,

Its all I can do to hold this moment,
Its all I can do to stand,
All I can do is stop and stare,
In disbelief your standing here,
Right here,