Why do you look as though you're haunted,
I'm alive, standing here in front of you,
Oh I'm sorry to accuse, but its obvious you're losing control,
Do you have something to say?

Cause I'm tired of waiting, for you to give another reason, why you always hesitate, when you should be reaching out for what don't come around; but once in a lifetime baby, But I'm afraid that its too late, overtime I've come to see the greatest gift I ever had in this life: Was your goodbye

Why do you Look as though you're missing
all it cost you to walk away.
Oh I'm sorry to accuse
but it's obvious you never let it go;
Do you have something to say?

Baby just remain left unspoken, the look in your eyes, says it all. You wish my heart was open, but the truth is, I left you, I left you here long ago.