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Day By Day
Oh you look so strong as you do it all on your own
you think you're so right when you're all wrong
you twist you turn you're pressed between two gods and you don't even know
one gave His life for you the other robs your soul

and this living you call life is killing you time after time
but you just cant let it go,
and your world keeps turning, the candle keeps on burning ,
but the flame is fading, day by day
all the sands keep falling , soon they will be gone and you don't even notice, day by day

Tell me how you live life
without the regret that you might have missed the meaning of it all
don't you forget your just a rider on a train bound for a tomb stone and a grave and at that journey's end it will be too late.


there stands a cross up on a hill not to far away,
a broken heart an empty tomb and 3 nails are there to say,
the price has been paid, oh the price has been forever paid.