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Weary-eyed awake tonight,
Memories flood my soul of the way,
We used to be,
And eventhough there’s some fondness,
To these thoughts I do regret,
All the things that I let you,
Put me through,

So don’t come knocking in my door,
‘Cause I don’t want you,
I don’t need this anymore ,
And I would,

Oh I’d have to be,
More than crazy baby,
More than crazy,
After what it takes from me,
I’d have to be insane,
Before I’d fall for you again,
Before I’d fall for you again,
Before I’d fall for you again,

You couldn’t see the writing
on the wall,
Now you can’t believe the fall,
But I could see it coming
from a million miles away,
Now with no hand left to hold,
You come to me alone,
You come to me alone and I say,



Oh call it bad history,
That’s between you and me
Oh babe you know history,
Don’t always have to repeat,
Once makes me the victim baby,
But twice makes me the fool,
And I won’t ever,
I won’t ever be a fool because of you.
Oh no.....