1. See Me Fly
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She was born a soldier, oh yeah,
When she hit the fight
It was good as over,
Tell me what’s strong enough,
To compete with the dream
of a small town girl ,
Heartaches and hard times were plenty
Luck breaks and dollars were few ,
Trouble finds you as a girl,
But makes a woman out of you,

What do you do
When you’re not sure
That the best is still yet to come
What do you do
When it looks like its over and done

You might see me fall
You might even see me crawl,
You might see me hanging on
To what looks like nothing at all
You might see me cry,
You might hear me wonder why,
But if you linger long enough
You’ll see me fly.

Every Cloud has a silver lining
Every Heartache just another song
every tear was for a reason
but they only come to make you strong surely trouble did it come to last,
surely this too shall pass
what you’re calling broken
is really your open door

But it’s what you do
when you’re not sure
that the best is still yet to come
Its what you do
When it looks like its over and done

Just let it go
Let your hope rise high
Don't look down
There’s nothing left
But what you left behind